As Facial Cream

Firmax3 Cream can firms and lifts dropped eye circles and sagged cheeks, lightens and brightens skin complexion, erases skin blemishes like freckles, acne scars, relieves skin from acne/ pimples, corrects fine lines and wrinkles..

The First and Most Unique in the History of Cosmetics!


FIRMAX3 is licensed under cosmetic products but because of their herbal ingredients which are refined through   Nano Technology and infused with Scalar Energy, they produce health benefits. 


This product has been approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984. Regulation 18A (2), Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health Malaysia, reference (150603916K).
Brand and product of Firmax3 belong to RF3 World Sdn Bhd.
These products are available via online order.

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