Health / Beauty / Luxury


Health / Beauty / Luxury

Natural Organic Wellness Cream

Suitable for the whole family

Firmax3 Cream is Scientifically developed through Nano Technology and Scaler Energy.

It is formulated from 13 natural organic ingredients hence it enhances Beauty and Health

Firmax3 & O2Max3 Production

Firmax3 Cream – A Powerful Cream for Rejuvenated Skin

A powerful cream formulated for both men and women. It restores elasticity, visibly uplifts the skin and smooths out lines and wrinkles. Helps skin boost its natural collagen for a more sculpted look. A perfect infusion of natural ingredients and nanotechnology to give you radiant, younger-looking skin.

O2Max3 Radiant Serum – A potent serum for hydrating and rejuvenating the skin

A superfine serum made from natural ingredients and herbs that strengthen your skin by hydrating, rejuvenating and restoring the all-natural radiance of your skin. Charged with Sangre de Drago, this silk-soft serum allows deep penetration into your skin to achieve more toned and contoured appearance while fighting off any signs of aging.

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Registered as Cosmetic products but have Health Benefits


FIRMAX3 is licensed under cosmetic products but because of their herbal ingredients which are refined through   Nano Technology and infused with Scalar Energy, they produce health benefits. 


This product has been approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984. Regulation 18A (2), Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health Malaysia, reference (150603916K).
Brand and product of Firmax3 belong to RF3 World Sdn Bhd.
These products are available via online order.

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